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Here is art and education about the world's oldest symbol, the swazi, or as most know it the 'Swastika' which I have been quite inspired to use in my designs. The word 'Swastika' is actually an ancient sanskrit word meaning 'Good To Be'. It is found in virtually every human culture since the dawn of time. The meanings have always been positive (except for it's mis-appropriation in Nazi Germany in the first half of the 20th century and it's subsequent uses as a hate symbol). It's most common meanings are infinity, auspiciousness, eternity, good luck, and it symbolizes the spiral movement at the center of all levels of reality - from atoms, to earth spinning, to galaxies - it all spins in spirals! 

For me it's not about a symbol, people are more important than any symbol or shape, and there are many things more important than restoring the swastika.  However, I believe learning about it and CHOOSING to energize it's positive side is a powerful act of love and I think we grow when we can find light in something that that has so much darkness around it. 

I choose love because I want to see more love in the world.  I understand, not everyone will agree with this but what we need in the world right now is for people to support each other and seek understanding even though they may have differing views. 

We must do our best to push against ignorance, especially our own - I know the more that I learn, the dumber I realize I am! :D  If we don’t push against our own comfort zone of what we know then we might be blind to other perspectives that are different than our own. To solve the world’s most challenging problems we need innovative minds that are inspired in the presence of uncertainty and I think the positive swastika use stimulates the creation of new cognitive networks in our brain that make us smarter, more understanding and compassionate. Think of it like a workout for your brain! It's an evolution stimulator. It may feel taboo at first (it did for me), but, after a bit you'll start to see see what the ancient craze is about with it.

I encourage you to draw swazis, play with them, take them out for walks, if you see one spraypainted - don't cover it up! paint rainbows around it instead. Share, educate, it can even be as simple as putting a swazi in a place you find sacred. 

May being a friend to swazis bring you lots of good fortune and happiness!



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You must checkout!!!!

Swastika Blog

It's been running over 5 years now. The site posts new images of positive swastikas every day that are submitted by people from allover the globe. 

Swazi Facebook Group

There's also a facebook group where everyone shares swazis they find everyday - from clothing, architechture, TV shows, movies, artworks, and anything and everything! 
Ferank Manseed   - United Kingdom
Ferank is a UK based, traditional hand-poked tattoo artist who does many swastika tattoos and was friends with ManWoman (who some call the Godfather of the restoring the swastika movement). He is a big supporter of the movement to restore the swastika and has interesting perspectives on it.
watch his video about his tattoos and swastikas above.
Tattoo by Tomas Tomas  @tomastomas108

The artist Manwoman ...

The artist Manwoman showing off his tattoos

Swazi art created by Sinjun ...


Swazi art from various artists ...

Art by Kobo
Hernan Polako 
Cindy Lee

Mr. Tot