About Us

"Hi! Thanks for checking out Spiritual Punx. I started this because I saw a need in the world for positive, thought provoking, uplifting, and evolution stimulating designs. I also want the world to be even just a little bit better just because I lived here on this watery blue dot for a microsecond in the time scale of the universe! 

My life mission is to create art that elevates consciousness. I hope Spiritual Punx inspires people to love each other more, to learn and seek understanding, look deeper, past their initial assumptions, to work on hard problems, and to find love and light even where there is darkness.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my art throughout the years! I am eternally grateful!"

Shine on,




Sinjun is a multi-dimensional artist in both the visual and musical worlds. He started his first inspirational clothing line, Hybrid Imagery, while growing up in small-town Missouri. It was just handrawn mystical designs and even the flower of life symbol - remember kiddos, this was years before it was allover festivals and youtube!

After high school, seeing that there was nothing to do for the under 21 crowd he co-created with his friends a live music and art venue called Underground Revolution Theatre in Joplin, MO. His aspirations led him to Los Angeles to attend fashion school where he has since worked as a graphic artist, fashion designer and music producer. 

He also creates psychedelic dance music as Sinjun - check it out here

Snapchat:  @sssinjun

Instagram: @spiritualpunx

Instagram music: @sssinjun