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Travel Print - Kaliptus Collab

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Help us make more of these!  All donations will fund making more travel prints to give out for free to others

These are meant to educate and inspire further research on the subject matter, to inspire innovative thinking and the choice to energize positivity and healing. Help reclaim the positive swastika back to its original roots of goodness.

Travel-ready! Meant to carry with you, spread the good luck and healing around the world :) 

Limit 1 free per person

Collaboration with Kaliptus, a galactivated light tech manifesting artist from New York. He uses painting, film, motion graphics, animation, stop-motion, video-mixing, multimedia, interactive arts, installations and more to express ideas that are usually surreal, visionary and vital to the philosophies and understandings of the human consciousness.

Website:  http://artofkaliptus.com/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/kaliptus/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kaliptusart


  • Laminated Double-sided print
  • 4" x 5"
  • Ultra durable lamination - 10mil
  • 1 travel print   *Pic shows 2 prints to show both sides



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