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Stickers - Galaxy Swazi - 3

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The swazi galaxy represents the unifying spinning and spiraling principle found at all levels of the universe - as above, so below. The atoms spin, so does the earth, the earth around the sun, the sun around the galaxy, the galaxy and on and on. Also, the origins of the swazi may have started in space (the Big Dipper spins around the North star and was a signal of the seasons)

Premium screenprinted vinyl stickers featuring a galaxy swazi on the front and educational symbol story on the back. Keep the back!

peace and love

$5 for 3 silkscreen vinyl stickers 

3" x 3"

*** Back is not a sticker ***


*All of our stickers are made of an outdoor-caliber, durable, waterproof, industrial strength vinyl with an aggressive permanent adhesive. Our stickers have a 3-5 year effective capability against any weather. Before the stickers are cut, we add a 100% clear gloss UV coating.


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