The Big Dipper a swastika? (Perhaps where the symbol began on Earth)

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 I’m incredibly excited to share this new post. I’ve been waiting to release it and couldn’t hold it out any longer. I hope this enLIGHTens your brain and expands your view of the Universe. I’m very fascinated by all things cosmos AND symbols, so this is the perfect recipe for a flavorful finding. 

The origins of the swastika are beyond time.  Even the earliest uses of it fail to signify what it meant to the people at the time. The earliest recordings of it’s meaning are as a symbol of good fortune, a sun sign or the movement of cycles. But those recordings are thousands of years after the oldest found swastikas. So where still left to wonder – where did it come from? 

   Since the swazi is so old perhaps it’s birthplace was in the stars? The ancients used star groups like the Big Dipper, to tell seasons and direction, there’s no doubt the ol’ dancing dipper held a significance. It dances in a circle around Polaris (The North Star) Polaris is the only star that doesn’t move and is used to measure latitude. The turning of the seasons was vastly more important if you lived in nature like our ancient grandpas and grandmas. Perhaps they used the swazi to show another person the ‘turning of the seasons’. They could’ve used it as a type of calendar to keep track of the seasons, the cycles.  The swazi is commonly known as a symbol of the Sun and of cycles.  It’s for these reasons I suggest that the Big Dipper was the inspiration for the fist carvings of swastikas. 

SEE IT ROTATE :::>>>  Goto 1:55 

On a clear night in the northern hemisphere, you can find north with a little bit of stellar constellation knowledge. If you can find the Big Dipper (Ursa Major) then it is simple to find the North Star (Polaris). If you follow the imaginary line from the tip of the ‘cup’ of the Big Dipper, you will find The North Star.

 This connection between the swazi and Big Dipper actually came about in a synchronistic series of events. 

    It was a couple months ago and my awesome parents bought me a telescope for my birthday. I was beyond excited.. My dad actually made a HUGE TELESCOPE by hand when we were kids. I remember him rubbing the 2 pieces of glass together day after day until one day it became a sleek mirror powerful enough to break open the heavens.  My parents came out here to LA to visit and take out the new scope. (A word of warning – a full moon is many magnitudes brighter when seen through a telescope.)  

    We were looking through a star gazing book he’d had for years. On the very 2nd page was a diagram of the Big Dipper as it moved through the seasons. It was incredibly obvious – IT WAS A SWAZI. We were incredibly excited about this ‘discovery’. We wondered – did anyone else know? Asking Google about it only turned up a couple random forum comments and the like.  I think there might not be any information out there about this because people don’t want to even bring up the word ‘swastika’.

Perhaps it came from ancient aliens from another planet far far away? Reza Assasi, an astronomer makes a strong case that the swastika was an ancient constellation from Iranian-Romian cult of Mithriasm based on the ancient Roman God Mithra. His findings are really interesting, I highly suggest taking a look here

I’m creating this today to give this idea it’s proper diligence. We may never know the origins of it’s meaning, but someday it will likely once again be placed in the high esteem it’s held with humankind since ancient times. 

Thanks for checking this out and may this knowledge bring you good fortune. Please spread the knowledge, peace happens through education.

May you be happy, May you be healthy, May you live with ease,

– Sinjun Spiritual Punx

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