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Donut wallpaper!

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You need more peaceful donuts in your life! Grab this free wallpaper as an early X-mas gift

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New donut swastickers! 5 for $3.33

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We’re so proud to release our new donut swazi stickers! Grab them fresh! Shipping free to everyone in the USA and only $2 for everywhere else. Spreading love and World Peace one donut at a time!

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Donut Swazi Release Party @ Haus Of Love ☮卐♥

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卐♥☮ A UNIVERSAL SIZE THΔΠҜ ΨΩU to all the spiritual punx and loving peeps who brought their positive vibes to the swazi donut shirt launch at Haus of Love. The event was on the same night as downtown Los Angeles’s monthly artwalk.  Hopefully the event inspired people to be more loving and accepting of each other. […]

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By spiritualpunx on 2013-08-27

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By spiritualpunx on 2013-08-10

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