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  Welcome to Spiritual Pun. We’re universal consciousness crusaders from a galaxy nearby. Yup, aliens are already here-and all they want is for us to just get along and love each other. Spiritual Punx’s mission is to assist Earth in raising the love and light vibrations during this critical time in our evolution. 

We’ll be bringing you all kinds of Spiritual Punx creations, so keep an iris or two open – you can stay up to date here on our blog and facebook page.

So who is a spiritual punk and who are they? Being a spiritual punk means expressing your own unique awesomeness in the world and living from your highest self. There’s been many throughout history and maybe you are one too.

Checkout some of our favorite spiritual punx here.

  On this planet we’ve had some amazing spiritual punx who have lit up the way pretty brightly. Believe it or not -everyone has the ability to be like these masters. These are our teachers. They chose love instead of anything else, it’s easy. They pretty much said the same thing but in different ways, like-  “Live with love”,  “Be Present.” , “We are eternal.”,  “Give peace a chance.” One of ours is “Love all” – and pretty sure if Jesus or Buddha was chilling with us today they would high five to that. It means love the present moment no matter what is in it. Love your life. Love all peoples no matter age, background, skin color, history or home galaxy. 

This planet is going to evolve into quite an even more awesome and peaceful place. In order for this to happen we can’t lose our minds if lines are arranged in a certain direction!

  We use the ancient swastika symbol for many reasons. It’s an ancient sacred positive symbol used in all galaxies throughout the universe. On planet earth it’s original meaning has always been positive until recently after your 2nd world war. Galaxies and planets everywhere use it as a symbol of good luck and eternity. It’s actually sacred geometry baby! Now that earthlings have the internet it’s easy to see this vast history -check here for a start.  Basically, you can energize it’s positive meaning (which stands for 5000+ years) or the negative. We choose love. It’s easy, love all. 

  Thank you so much for checking in here and for your support. We are thankful every single day for living on Earth at this amazing time and for getting to do what we do. Each moment of the growth of Spiritual Punx so far has been beyond amazing and wildly synchronistic! We’re so stoked for each day and we welcome spritual punx everywhere to join us in creating something amazing together.


Spiritual Pun



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